VCS EE Logo 2019
ATLANTIC CITY | MAY 21-23, 2019



Basic User Success Training

This class is designed for those new to VCS web applications. Attendees will learn basic functions, including: navigating schedules, submitting requests for time off, overtime and switches, as well as how to sign up for open shifts and extra duty jobs.

New Supervisor Crash Course

This class will get new supervisors and administrators up to speed in no time, by teaching you how to manage many day-to-day features, such as: employee requests, time off and overtime posting and various schedule assignment and detail functions.

Selecting the Best Overtime Hiring Solution

This class will cover the various methods of rule building and distribution used for overtime and extra duty work so that you know which one is the best fit. Attendees will also have the opportunity to attend additional classes to focus on specific methodologies best suited to their department needs.

Hiring Overtime Using a Call List

This class, part of the Overtime Hiring series, is designed for departments that distribute overtime using manual call lists. Attendees will learn how to create a replacement policy, generate call lists, manually award jobs and view the replacement policy activity log.

Hiring Overtime in the Digital Age

This class, part of the Overtime Hiring series, is designed for departments interested in posting overtime and/or extra duty using the web or by sending text messages to expedite the hiring process. Attendees follow the lifecycle of creating, posting, signing up and awarding open shifts using a technology-driven solution.

Automating Open Shifts

This advanced-level class, part of our Overtime Hiring Series, is designed for those using text messaging or signups for department overtime who are interested in utilizing AI to automatically generate and award and post open shifts.

What’s New in Extra Duty Billing

Extra Duty Administrators will be introduced to new features in the Extra Duty Module, including: priority selections, vehicle assignments, list position reinstatement, added replacement policy rules, job check-in, completion, cancellation and dropping.

What’s New in Payroll

Payroll Administrators will be introduced to new features in the Payroll Module, including: multiple pay periods, time off and overtime locking features, and an overall more streamlined payroll process.

Safeguarding Your Scheduling System

System Administrators will learn how to fine-tune security settings to provide their users with the privileges they need to be self-sufficient while also safeguarding against unauthorized usage.

Creating Custom Reports

This advanced level class is designed for administrators interested in developing their own reports. Attendees will learn how to capture basic employee and schedule data to develop custom spreadsheet style reports.

Configuring Custom Reports

This class invites technical administrators to learn additional functions applying advanced logic into your Custom Report. Attendees will learn to use filtering and query functions to configure the custom reports at a more advanced level.

Re-Introducing the New Time Record Report

Learn about the return of the Time Record Report, a simple click and drag style report generator used to create on-demand spreadsheet style reports.

Welcoming Court Alert to the Web

Court Alert has made its debut on the web! This class will teach you how to schedule employees to court and upload subpoenas and track acknowledgement of court assignments. If you don’t have Court Alert and want to know what you’re missing, join this class!

Introducing Vacation & Shift Bidding

VCS introduces our latest addition to our ever-growing web platform: Vacation Bidding and our newly redesigned Shift Bidding modules. Join us to learn how to set up, schedule and utilize our automated bidding tools to most efficiently manage your Vacation Bidding and Shift Bidding processes.


This Year, We’re Introducing Brand New Workshops

The new workshops will offer the opportunity to work alongside an instructor and fellow users as you develop solutions for your department. 2019 Evolution Exchange will offer workshops on:

  • Replacement Policy
  • Payroll
  • Security
  • Custom Reports/Time Record Report


Introducing Jobs4Blue

Join us as we unveil the latest addition to the POSS platform – Jobs4Blue, Managed Services for Extra Duty.